Bookmark this Resource List for PMP prep

If you’re planning to go for your PMP or you know someone who is but doesn’t know where to start, I’m sharing the list of valuable learning materials that I used to prepare for and pass the PMP exam.

Quick update! Last month I achieved a project management milestone – sat for and passed the PMP exam, becoming a certified Project Management Professional. I studied, a lot. My formal training started back in 2021 (or 2016 if I count my introduction to Agile at Flatiron School) and was a mix of live workshops, months-long certification courses, books, and online communities. I’m excited to bring this knowledge to current and future teams.

Here are the resources I used in preparing for the PMP test:

  1. Andrew Ramdayal’s Udemy course
  2. Google Project Management course on Coursera
  3. Kamlesh Ravlani’s Scrum workshop
  4. Agile & PI Planning trainings facilitated by my company’s PMO
  5. PMBOK 7th Edition
  6. subreddit- r/pmp on Reddit

I want to note – so many of these were inexpensive! I did not take any $1k+ trainings or workshops. If you are able to devote the time and dedication, this can be done without too much money because the knowledge (project management knowledge) is out there for anyone to access.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of them! If you’re going for your PMP, I’m happy to share my experience with any of the above.


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