Robocalls – What Works?

I was momentarily comforted to know that I am not alone in receiving a ridiculous amount of automated calls each day. No one called yesterday — maybe they were busy celebrating their mothers before starting up again on Monday.

The Problem

My phone receives between 7-10 calls per day. I’ve had enough!

The Unlikely Solution

I finally added my number to the National Do Not Call Registry. Please, let that assuage some of the barrage I have felt from these ruthless robots trying to help my lower my student loans. I do not have student loans!

From what I’ve read, the registry will not be enough. Therefore I am going to investigate additional measures.

The Additional Solution

I will test out various apps and measure which ones are most effective. I’ll be tracking exactly how many incoming calls I get as well as how many of those callers leave voice messages. More on this soon.

If you have used any apps that have been particularly effective, I’d love to know more.

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